Onyx View an Ebook Reader 13 Inch Android for Note-Taking

Onyx has published a series of photos and issued technical information on an ebook reader for note-taking. Is a 13-inchmodel from Bookeen, still without a real name, expected on the market during the spring 2016, not before, built around an E-Ink Panel from 2200 x 1650 pixels and 207 PPI. For comparison, the best product in this category is the Sony DPT-S1 Digital Paper from 150 PPI.
Onyx Boox by 13 inches will have infrared induction touchscreen, not like most models “large”, then with support for the stylus. The company has not yet entered in detail but mentioned the possibility to Annotate PDF, take notes, draw , etc. The ebook reader Onyx using Google Android as the base firmware, and usually this makes it possible to install new apps. Now, not all of them will run fine on an ebook reader, but from those relating to reading (Kindle, for example) we shouldn’t get any nasty surprises.
However it is too early to talk seriously about this Onyx Boox by 13 inches. The photos were posted just to prove “that exists” but these devices always have a very troubled period. That’s what happened with Pocketbook CAD Readerwith vaporware NoteSlate and with the same Sony Digital Reader, came from Japan to the USA with 2 years late. Without forgetting that the final price and features remain to be verified. We will be back.