OnePlus Seems to Be Owned by Oppo to One Hundred by Hundred

OnePlus still remains news after presenting finally officially its first device, the OnePlus One and his strange campaign launch Smash the Past.
However, most curious is the news that now comes from China about the relationships between OnePlus and Oppo, that everyone believed undecided that Pete Lau, former Vice President of Oppo, had left the firm to found OnePlus with a new philosophy; and that the first would be responsible for assembling the second devices.
We cannot ignore the obvious similarities in the internal hardware of the OnePlus One with Oppo Find 7, as both seek to ride the best of the market, but it is undeniable that the same lines also remain in your design.
In addition, both are produced in the same production plants, although the OnePlus One costs 269 euros in the market while the Oppo Find 7a, the cheapest version of the Find 7, goes to 399 euros. With this, It seems quite clear that a terminal will bring market other, and that corporate decisions of Oppo could decant the balance towards one side or the other.
And here we wanted to get, it seems that Oppo could not only make decisions with OnePlus production in their factories, but according to a leaked document from the supervisory authority of the Municipal market of Shenzhen, the signature Oppo is the sole shareholder of OnePlus.
Could you confirm therefore OnePlus is a subsidiary of Oppo, although It is strange that both companies have been submitted as independent and that one will break the market by launching a device similar to the ship logo on the other with a price that is reduced up to 40%.
At the moment there is no official position of any of the manufacturers in this regard, but we will watch to see how to clarify this information both OnePlus as Oppo, and of the reasons by which was kept secret the majority shareholding of Oppo in OnePlus.