Oneplus Presents On-Guard, the New Insurance Extended to OnePlus X 2

We know that the sector customer care is one of the “Achilles heels” of OnePlus, especially in regards to the first device the company, OnePlus One, there were many complaints about delays, evasive answers and generally after sales experience that left a lot to be desired. From today, against a small surcharge, you can take advantage of a service “premium” which works in much the same way as Nexus Protect or AppleCare.
In Europe it is called On-Guard, and is offered in partnership with the group Simplesurance.You can apply on the device the company’s 2015 — OnePlus 2 and the latest OnePlus X. Is available in two “cuts”: coverage lasting 12 months at £ 39.99 and 24 months at 64.99 €. In this way, the device will be protected from any form of accidental damage caused by the customer or by third parties, from impacts to the water, and promises simple complaint procedures “without worries”.
Insurance can be purchased online directly from the official website of OnePlus; will also be offered the chance to sign it during the checkout process by one of the two terminals. There will be a window of 15 days of purchase of a Terminal to activate On-Guard. Will only cover new orders: If you have already purchased a OnePlus 2 in the past you cannot add it. Excluded completely OnePlus One.

  • OnePlus Xis available online from Amazon Marketplace at 249 euros. The value for money is discreet. There are 30 top models.
  • OnePlus 2is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 368 euros. The value for money is discreet. There are 8 better models.