Oneplus Has Canceled Its First Wearable Device "Last Minute"

OnePlus is a society emerged almost from nothing less than two years ago that changed many of the paradigms of the mobile market by introducing the concept of “top of the line” at an affordable price. Over the past two years the company has produced only a smartphone, but has also given rise to the creation of different gadgets and accessories, such as power bank, drones, headsets and even software as its Oxygen OS and the recent app Reflexion.
In all this we have two categories of devices yet not explored by OnePlus: the tablet andwearables. The former are currently far from the Chinese company’s plans because the market for these devices, especially if based on Android, continues to crumble in an inexorable making it absolutely impossible to an input in this area at a company like OnePlus that thrives on a very marginal revenues; a mistake too big could jeopardize the entire corporate structure.
Different speech, however, regarding the wearables. In fact, although to date has not revealed any product, the same co-founder Carl Pei conceded that a smartband and a couple of bluetooth speakers have been cancelled just one month before their launch. It was, therefore, of products in an advanced stage of development and now ready to reach the market. It is natural to wonder what has caused the company to abandon the projects so close to their fulfilment.
The answer comes from the same Pei, who said that, just a month before launch, the leadership of OnePlus met to ask themselves what their goal, perhaps mindful that he momentarily lost the right path. This resulted in the cancellation of projects considering that, at least for now, it would be better to leave indosabbili and bluetooth speakers into the hands of those who know exactly what they’re doing, so focus your efforts on what are now OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X.
Obviously this does not mean that OnePlus cannot return in the future on this subject, even though Pei said that the company is not interested in wearables as the smartwatch, but does not say the same regarding the activity tracker without advanced features. For now, the focus remains on Smartphones and this could also apply to all the 2016.