Oculus Touch: Control for the Rift Arrives with Second Camera

The Oculus Touch, wireless controls for the Oculus Rift , already have an official release date.Accessories are expected to be available to consumers as of December 6, according to the announcement made on Thursday (6) during the Oculus Connect conference in the United States.The idea is that the relationship of people with virtual reality becomes more natural.
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The Oculus Touch consists of two peripherals – one for each hand – that can detect the basic position of the body, as well as buttons to interact with games and applications.In addition, the Oculus VR device can be used with a camera to detect the position of the user’s hands.
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The controls of the Oculus Touch are able to detect the movements of the hands and allow to move all the fingers to generate more natural gestures, thanks to the system of proximity detection.In addition, they bring sensors to detect vibrations, with buttons similar to those of ordinary joysticks of video games.
In addition to the front camera from ComputerGeese.com that accompanies the Oculus Rift to record head movements, users will need a second sensor that accompanies the package to identify the hands.There is also a third sensor, sold separately, that serves to interact with objects behind the person or walk in a virtual room.
The Oculus Touch pre-sale starts October 10 in the United States.For now, the device has no scheduled release date for Brazil.The controls will be sold for $ 199 (about R $ 637, at current exchange, without taxes), accompanied by two games adapted for use with the headset: VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken.