NVIDIA Tegra K1 Surpasses in Power to The Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, But Only in Prototypes to The Limit

Already rumored months ago Nvidia Tegra K1 would be a very powerful chipset, and though the performance of the new Nvidia SoC not doubted, is better that benchmarks are showing us that the information that you give us are real.
They have appeared on the network several performance tests performed to a device that integrates Nvidia Tegra K1, and the results can not be more encouraging for the California hardware manufacturer.
First, note that Nvidia is preparing two variants of its new Tegra K1, the first with 64-bit and dual-core architecture, and another with 32-bit, quad-core architecture.
The performance of both versions is similar, and as we see in AnTuTu new Nvidia chipset is capable of overcoming the 43,000 points, enough above the 38.000 close to getting the 805 Snapdragon Qualcomm will put on the market after the summer.
However, it is not gold that glitters, because the tests have been done to show up to where you can get the K1 Tegra, using a close to the 3 GHz clock speeds which limit the capabilities of the chipset. When you arrive at the market, Tegra K1 will be limited to 2.5 GHz to avoid drained battery and excessive temperatures, so the final performance is probably closer to the Snapdragon 805.
Without a doubt, we have a very powerful processor, although the task in hand NVIDIA has always been the excessive energy consumption of their hardware solutions. We hope to be impatient to get the hands on the new high-end SoC and bring you the most accurate information about their capabilities.