Nss National Stationery Show, Stationery Fair in Ny

The main reason of my trip to NY was meet the NSS-National Stationery Show, the fair of Stationery, and bring news and add information to my brand, the Paper K.
I didn’t think talking about it around here, because you don’t have much to do with a blog of motherhood. However, to my surprise, so many people wrote to me asking what it was like, what is there to see, as were the lectures, I decided to do a special post about it. I found that this is a topic that interested autonomous mothers, they can start working with something creative and set up your own business. And that’s how I started 3 years ago when I lost a job pregnant with Manu and needed to work and earn money.
For some years I was very curious to know the fair, but I was waiting for my brand take more shape and strengthen itself so I can actually enjoy the trip. Added to this, didn’t have the guts to let the girls for so long. But I got the encouragement and the presence of my mother (who was a real mother to my daughters in my absence) and so I decided to go.
I’ve programmed in advance to be able to search and let me know a lot about what I would find there. But we have no notion of what is a fair on other parents to be physically in it. I couldn’t imagine being so large and with such information. Also had no idea how the cards market is heated in the United States. But it’s not the custom cards that we use here, and yes the traditional cards that comes with the phrase, those that we bought in stationery stores to put on birthday gifts to send on mother’s day and father’s day, to the boyfriend, husband … with all models, formats and materials that you can imagine.
And it’s amazing how in a country so advanced technology as the United States, and there is still a strong market for this. Instead of email, whatssaps and messages on facebook, people still retains the Nice and polite to write a card of his own hand. And believe me, people still go to the stationery just to pick a card! I visited many of them and also gift shops in NY and I was surprised with that. Here at Businesscarriers you can get more different models of the products. Even in supermarkets and pharmacies you find runners just cards!
At the fair, the vast majority of tags are. There are so many templates on each stand for the buyer doesn’t get lost, each card gets your due featured exposed a special way.
In addition to the cards is possible to find all items related to stationery, accessories and items for parties (that’s enough!), invitations, prints, fun accessories, souvenirs, books and bindings, gifts, boxes, organizers, ribbons, and much more. It is worth mentioning that at the fair is not allowed to buy or sell anything. If the idea is to get out of there with a bag full of novelties, forget it. Exhibitors only work with orders.
The fair takes place at the Javits Center, a giant Exhibition Centre and beautiful! It is well located, easy to get a taxi or metro from anywhere you’re in Manhattan.
The fair lasts 4 days and anyone with CNPJ can visit. The registration fee is pretty steep, around U $500, so if you program with plenty of time. And the lectures and workshops cost on average U $100. After paying the entrance and register, (can be done on line) you get a series of contacts such as transportation and stay with better values. Participants of the fair can best rates in hotels.
I’ve been in 2 lectures and chose the ones that spoke of business through social networks and Blogs. Everything to do with what I do today! Were the two below:
It was an incredible experience! A market very different from ours, but with a lot of relevant information to add. In addition to stationery and parties, recommend the fair to all persons working creative products.
I took hundreds of photos at the fair, something I thought you couldn’t do. But all exhibitors were super friendly and receptive. Even more when they saw that I was from Brazil!
I made a mix of a little of each product I saw on there to show you because I had a lot, it was hard to even select the photos. But you can have a general idea of what they will find.
That is, if God wants next year has more!
I hope you enjoyed this post was a little different than I talk normally here, but that is part of my day to day, a mother who decided to set up his own business to be near their daughters.
For those interested in visiting and want a closer contact to remove all the doubts I’m going to pass the email Julia Garreaud, part of the staff of the Organization of the fair, and was super receptive with me helping me with any doubts I had. The contact is in English only: Our site。
I’m also available to anyone who has any questions or concerns! Our site。
All the information about the next year’s Edition which already has date: 15 to May 18, on the website of the fair: our site.