Nokia Sold So Many Lumia Smartphones Like Never Before

Nokia with Lumia Smartphone Success
Nokia can rejoice: the Finns have sold so many Lumia smartphones in the past quarter as never.
Never, Nokia managed to get so many Smartphones the Lumia series with the Windows phone operating system such as in the last quarter: the Finnish company announced that in the third quarter it sold 2013 so much Lumia Smartphones such as never – total 8.8 million units. While Samsung and Apple’s competitors sell still more smartphones, but thanks to the Lumia smartphones for Nokia it seems to go uphill. The company made an operating profit of 118 million euros on sales of 5.66 billion euros. At the end, Nokia remained a comparable low loss of 91 million euros. A year ago, the figures at Nokia saw yet quite different: the company achieved 7.24 billion euros while more sales, had made negative but at the same time also nearly one billion. This year was 28 percent higher than in the previous year in the third quarter on the sale of Lumia smartphones sales, overall, however, the sale goes back: Nokia has sold 64.6 million smartphones in the third quarter, which is 20 percent less than even 2012.
The most the cheap Smartphone Lumia 520 sold by Nokia – it’s the world’s best-selling smartphone with the Windows phone operating system.
Joy reigns over the good figures this quarter not only for Nokia, but probably also at the Californian company Microsoft, which will soon take over Nokia. The former Primus in terms of mobile production had maneuvered itself part himself through a misguided strategy in terms of Smartphone in recent years in the off, while Samsung, Apple and co. to him pass.
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