Nokia Normandy Appears in a Vietnamese Shop with Access to Google Play

Nokia launching a terminal with Android it has always been the illusion of many, something that would have helped to prevent its sale to Microsoft, but it is something that had always defended committed to differentiate themselves. But all this changed when he learned of the existence of the Nokia Normandy.
Normandy It would be the first handset with Android which launched Nokia, although obviously using an identical to that of Windows Phone 8 interface to maintain a brand image, but would use inside Google’s operating system. Still cannot be assured there phone for the consumer, despite having come to light images of the prototype, but it seems not an idea so far-fetched.
In a shop online of Viet Nam has been seen a page by the way giving this terminal, which would be manufactured by Nokia and would lead a version of Android. The specifications would seem more to middle-range and medium-low more than a terminal pointer thanks to a four-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels, 512 MB of RAM, a processor 1 GHz and 4 GB of storage, although you would be with Android 4.4.
Obviously it is far from what is expected from Nokia, but it would be rare that were to happen to probe the market with a terminal without risking too much. We still have to wait for the Nokia Normandy finally confirm it or disprove once and for all, perhaps in the MWC 2014, although it would not have much market out of emerging markets for its characteristic low.