Ninguneada HTC, Nor a Single Mention in The Presentation of The Google Pixel

We can be the beginning of a new era within Google. With the launch of the new Pixel, Mountain View’s explores the field of the manufacture of smartphones, a path that will continue under the baton of David Foster, former responsible for hardware from Amazon. But would really have become manufacturers or is it a really half?
Is it possible to boast of a slogan that says you’ve made something when in fact is not true? In the market there are cases of this type on a daily basis, but we tend not to see them with companies of the prestige and history of a HTC that does not appear neither in the credits in the new Google Pixel. Google took to the stage to remove chest before their new Pixel “made by Google” but HTC is not even invited him.

There are many ways of manufacture without making

Components, for example, never are all made by the same company which then sells the phone. Cameras ones, memories of other, third-party processors and end, the company that sells it is that designed it and joins him, but he is composing a Frankenstein monster with parts that anyone can access. It is the usual procedure.
Another alternative we have is the subcontract to a specialist, like Foxconn with Apple’s iPhone. A manufacturer for manufacturers whose main function is that and that, if it is sufficiently smart, just being introduced in the construction of some of the pieces. As processors, for example. Becoming so essential to who hire you.
The last alternative is the white marks, a behavior that we see often in the operators and companies that pick up one terminal from others and do little more than rename them. Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, Pepsi and Disney are some of the best-known. Sell products with their brand, but without reference to non-manufacturers, despite the fact that the information has just been transcending.

HTC said yes where Huawei said no

There were two words that were not mentioned in the event yesterday despite the fact that they were known by all: HTC and Android. HTC, a manufacturer who this month presented the 10 HTC, its most ambitious proposal to date and that now, a few months later, has been relegated to the most absolute background thanks to a “Made by Google” that is far from the reality of the new Google Pixel.
Huawei was found in the same situation, currently the third largest manufacturer of smartphones on the market, even if followed by an OPPO that continues to grow in a runaway, and that could have accepted the task to build the Google Pixel. However, the position of strength that the Chinese manufacturer is currently led them to be able to say that not to launch a smartphone without a trace of his signature.
HTC, however, happens by its best moments since quite some time and the possibility of returning to work with Google, something that was not the case since the Nexus One, seemed too tempting. If Google eventually it clinched them up to the top, why not would you to do it again? The problem, no recognition by the great Alphabet G by its Pixel.
There is no doubt that HTC is a large manufacturer, despite the fact that the mistakes made in the past have burdened him unsustainable way, but perhaps didn’t deserve the irrelevance to which Google has submitted its role in the development of the new Pixel, in the construction of their new future. At this point, the best thing that could happen to HTC is to finish bought by Google. Thus the Pixel would be really “Made by Google”, but it was retrospectively.