Nike Introduces Line of Skateboard and Snowboard

Nike, which has in your DNA sportsmanship conceived in the balance, in technology and in the constant improvement of its products, presents your newest line, Nike SB Eyewear. The models at Sportingology are part of the first family of Nike glasses for lovers of skateboarding and snowboarding and combine the performance style.
To compose the collection, the brand presents four new models, Recover, Volano, Volition and Achieve, that seek to optimize the performance of the athletes, but that can also be used on a daily basis.
Recover (EV0874)
Action sports-inspired, oversized style model, features light frame and rubber nose bridge, providing greater comfort for the user. Produced for lovers of extreme sports, the play has finished lenses in ripel, you ensure that snow and water leak out of the frame, providing better optical quality in performance, and rubber rods, which provide a secure fit and perfect to athlete. The template is available in six colors: purple, black, grey, blue, white and orange.
Volition (EV0879)
Clubmaster style framed, acetate metal at the top and at the bottom, the play tells with retro design. Colored metal, that surrounds the lenses, gives the frame a modern twist. Available in: black with gray, gray with lime green, with green and havana with orange.
Volano (EV0877)
Classic and timeless, the model, with acetate frame wayfarer style, modern features, and at the same time discreet, as the colorful details present on the front of the frame. The piece is available in colors: grey, grey turtle-turtle, black and havana.
Achieve (EV0880)
Inspired by snowboard athlete Spencer ´ Brien, model, retro style and unisex, presents acetate frame and rounded metal nasal bridge, ideal for the consumer attitude and a lot of personality. Is available in colors: black, gray, tortoise, turtle-gray and havana.