Night in Blue Makeup

All know that I am not partisan distinguish the makeup by the time of day, but the situation in which we are going to look or personality and taste of who leads them. But as it is so established in this way and are many people who have asked me a tutorial step by step a makeup at night because here you have this I hope that you enjoy it and will be useful.

Of course and as usual, the colors are completely your choice. Products to use, that you may have. I will only come to teach application technique.
Things that must be taken into account if we are to wear makeup at night, then logically, and foremost, is the light. We are not going to have sunlight and with artificial lights are lost face volumes and therefore model the traits with the technique of the light/dark.
Step By Step
We started by applying the concealer in the area around the eyes and on the imperfections in the skin and diffuses the edges very well so it is well integrated. If we look for naturalness, possibly the most appropriate is a fluid concealer, but this depends on the type of skin and the color of the eyecup according to THEMAKEUPEXPLORER.COM.
Very important, it is well choose the tone of the spell depending on the skin tone, as if to a very dark eyecup we apply a concealer color clear, will get a greyish and brownish effect on the eyecup and it will not be pretty. Therefore, not only must take into account the eyecup tone, but also the tone of our skin to get optimal results.
After the corrections, we apply the bottom of make-up fluid medium or high coverage so that it unifies us the skin tone. Very important of course is that the tone of the background of makeup is the same than our skin.
I am in favour of applying it with a brush because I see him more clean and polished, but that is a function of tastes.
Of course, take care of not to take corrections that we have done previously.
With a corrector clear, let’s give points of light to the face to return the volumes that artificial light will be carried, so get that face not appear flat. Where will we apply them? as in the areas of relief: Center of the forehead blurring fan, nasal septum losing the line before arriving at the ball’s nose, high cheekbones and Chin Center area losing cuts not protrude from the ball.
With the help of a tassel, apply loose powder to seal the corrections and makeup base before continuing makeup. With a skin tone, we matizaremos the area of the base makeup and with a very light powder, we will seal the points of light. If you do not have three shades of powder, it is sealed with one translucent.
We went to dark tones give depth. In this case, we will work with a powder modelling dark and dull. Apply it in areas of low relief of the face: outline of the hair, temples, below the bone of your cheek, on the sides of the nose and jaw.
Now we are going to structure the eye and correct their shape. We delinearemos the eye in its bottom with black pencil, creating a thicker line in the area of the tear and tapering towards the outer end. We also fill the water line.
With the same pencil, mark the area of the < external and lightly fill the curve.
We blur the bottom stroke without widening it too and the < tearing eye.
We sealed the bottom line of lashes with a black shadow by slightly stretching the outlined direction Temple.
On the upper eyelid pencil, we make a seal with black shadow and back to blur tearing.
In the center of the eyelid, we use a shadow or a medium blue pigment, leaving the area of the tear free to apply a blue tone more clearly as a point of light.
We make point of light under the Arch of the eyebrow with a shadow color matte skin.
Just above the upper lashes, we draw an outlined exit slightly at corner. You will help us to give strength to the look and enhance the tearing.
We apply the mascara in zig zag and with this we have finished eye makeup.
We retouch the face contour if we see that you we need, a bit of Blush Pink in the center of the cheeks and fade towards the cheeks with dark dust. We can also apply on the cheek bone an illuminator with to give light to the area.
We delineate the lips with a lip pencil in red color and fill with lipstick of the same tone. A touch of gloss in the center of the lips and lists.
Thanks to the gorgeous Saray to make model for this look at night.
You also have photos of this same makeup in Noelia, who is also gorgeous.