Nexus 6 p Against Lighters, Cutters and Bend Test

The bendgate issue of Nexus 6 p is still open and the video below, made by the same author who has “triggered” the case demonstrates again how “easy” to fold the new Nexus of Huawei. This situation is quite unusual in that the test had been refuted by other youtube but apparently the Nexus that Captain into the hands of JerryRigEverything bend like butter.
After the video was posted yesterday and it has been around the web, in the last hours were done more testing and apparently the Nexus 6 p does not bend and has no problem bend gate. The evidence can be found below:
The new Nexus 6 p has generally given the impression that Huawei has done a great job in assembling hardware.
It’s true, the design has generated some discussion, particularly for the camera area, but nobody had objected on finishing, precision, and so on. It seems though that structurally something is missing, at least judging by the teardown of today and from this test of endurance that puts the device against various sharp objects, a lighter and the inevitable bend tests, in vogue since last year, after the release of the iPhone 6 Plus. In none of the three test Nexus 6 p gets along well.
When testing for scratching the display behaves decently, but glass will crack out of the blue.Also for the back cover is extremely easy to create permanent lines, even with simple keys.
In tests with the flame the AMOLED display is permanently damaged, with white patches where the temperature was more intense. It is curious to note that usually in similar tests the heated screen parts (both LCD and AMOLED) become black, and normalize without consequences as soon as the temperature drops.
The bend test is still what the worst result. Bend the device in half looks absolutely a no-brainer, with very little pressure applied.