New Sony Tablet that Wants to Replace the Vaio Laptops

BARCELONA-Sony has no more laptop business. The sale of the division responsible for the Vaio notebooks eliminated this branch of activity. It does not, however, mean that the company cannot manufacture something similar. That’s where the Xperia Z4 Tablet enters.
The product was featured in the pre MWC days (oddly without the company of Xperia Z4, the cellphone), also with great highlight for an accessory that is a big bet of Sony: a Bluetooth keyboard, with touchpad, Android shortcuts and all. The full assembly reminds a bit of the Surface of Microsoft, and the idea is similar: being a tablet capable of replacing a notebook.
Even, Microsoft itself seems interested in supporting the Z4 Tablet on this mission. During the presentation, the Office applications have been shown, but it is not yet set if they will be preinstalled on the appliance. With the most popular productivity suite in the world beside you, Sony has in hand a product indicated for those who are willing to actually work and create with Android.
Other than that, it stands out relative to the quality of its construction, something above the average on Android tablets in Etaizhou. It is fairly lightweight and thin, weighing 393 grams; According to Sony it is the “lightest 10-inch waterproof tablet in the world”. This seems too specific to boast, but it doesn’t change the fact that holding it is very comfortable. About the thickness, it is so thin, with 6.1 mm, that almost there is no room for the P2 port, also known as input for headphones.
Back there is a textured plastic completing the finishing. The criticism that stands is for the excess edges on the front. They could be smaller, to highlight the 10-inch screen with the resolution of 2560×1600.
Those looking for performance should not be disappointed, with a 810 octa-core Snapdragon chip, 3 GB of RAM, sufficient to run with Mastery Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP) and basically any other application you want.
Xperia M4 Aqua
If you haven’t upgraded your line top, at least Sony has launched the M4 Aqua, a new intermediate smartphone that, as the name suggests, is waterproof.
Its similarity to the Z3 is undisputed, following the design line of Sony’s products. The difference is that instead of betting on metals and glass rear, the company cut costs with the use of plastic finishing, which may not be a bad idea, since it becomes more resistant to falls.
Sony highlights the M4 as “high-end”, but it’s not exactly the case. It uses a 615 Snapdragon processor, which has eight cores and support for 64 bits, but is not the most powerful of Qualcomm, and 2 GB of RAM memory. Maybe it’s also unfair to call it “intermediate”; He’s something that stands in the middle of the two categories. The hardware should be sufficient to complete the heaviest tasks for a cellphone, but will not be able to track new androids line tops.
It’s a 5-inch 720p-resolution mobile phone that looks bigger than this, since Sony exaggerates the edges, especially the top and bottom of the front of the appliance.
It utilizes a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5 MP front, that offer a good color fidelity and also allow a better experience of “selfie” not only by a high number of pixels, but by the fact that the frontal lens has a wide angle, which allows more people to fit in the same photograph.