New Printer: Canon Pixma Mp230, Pixma Mg2250 and Pixma Mg3250

Canon has brought four new multi function devices on the market with the Canon PIXMA MP230, PIXMA MG2250 and PIXMA MG3250 PIXMA MG4250, directed by price and facilities on the beginners. Taking a closer look is only the revised models of the year 2011. The new multi function devices to come in September 2012 with a warranty of one year in the trade.

The Four Newcomers Can

The Canon PIXMA MP230, Canon PIXMA MG2250, Canon PIXMA MG3250 and Canon PIXMA MG4250 work with combination cartridges (all three colours in one single cartridge) and bring a software package called “My Image Garden”. Practically it is that the OCR text recognition for the integrated scanner is the same with this. Also, the newcomers offer a function to save energy. You have an automatic shut-off. When incoming print jobs, they are just automatically enabled what does Canon PIXMA MG3250 and Canon PIXMA MG4250 over the network in the Wi-Fi models.

Users Have To Live With Restrictions On The Base Model

At a price of 65 euros, the base model is Canon PIXMA MP230 to have. It is the successor of the previous model Canon PIXMA MP280. That brought even a print speed of 8.4 pages per minute by a printer. The new Canon PIXMA MP230 creates but only seven pages. The user with the new model must also waive the borderless photos. The paper stock are hundred sheet is available. However, the multifunctional device should have plenty of space on the desk, because the paper is accessible only from the rear. There is not an output shaft, so that the printer space free must be maintained also at the front for the finished prints.

Slightly Better Equipped: The New Sister Models

There are these limitations Canon PIXMA MG2250, PIXMA MG3250 PIXMA MG4250 sister models.For this, the Canon PIXMA MG2250 at a price of around 70 euros can only copy, and print. His performance is specified with 8.4 s / w pages and 4.8 colour pages per minute. Prints are collected in a hinged tray.
The customer at the Canon PIXMA MG3250 has put on the table approximately ninety euros. It offers maximum 9.2 s / w pages or five color pages per minute. Also, he knows that Apple’s AirPrint feature and can be integrated into networks via Wi-Fi module.
For a supplement of only ten euros is the flagship of the new multifunction devices for beginners.The Canon PIXMA MG4250 around one hundred euros and can 9.9 s / w pages and 5,7 color pages per minute print. He supports CloudPrint by Google. Also the Canon PIXMA MG4250 has a 2.4 inch display screen size, as well as a built-in card reader for SD cards and MS cards.

The Cost Of Printing The Canon Newbies

Canon PIXMA MP230 most expensive are the prints from the base model.Here, 14 cents must be included per Mono page 5.7 cents, per color page.The sister models Canon PIXMA MG2250 and PIXMA MG3250 PIXMA MG4250 is prove as significantly more profitable. A s / w expression of an average 4.1 cents charge for. A full color 10.2 cents on average. So, it’s an economic decision to pay the $5 surcharge for the Canon PIXMA MG2250 at the time of purchase instead of the base model.
In all four newcomers, three color cartridges be used where the printhead in the cartridge sits and with therefore will be changed when changing cartridge. It is also a pity that the cartridges of the base model with those of sister models are not compatible. Required printer cartridges of the series PG-510 and CL-511, while the other three newcomers as printer accessories use the cartridges of the series PG-540and CL-541 the Canon PIXMA MP230. All four cartridges are with standard be filling and as have XL version.