New Phone? To Manage the Data Transfer from Android to Android

Want to bring your contacts to your new smartphone? By using third-party apps, Google, party tools, and with some clever handles your data in a Flash of the old Android Smartphone on the new Android device hiking.

Transmission with Google

Have a Google account, the move is very simple. First, sync your old device under settings-> accounts & sync your data and your Google account-> Google. There, tap on the name of the account, the drop-down menu in the right corner and choose Synchronize now. Now, the Android Setup Assistant helps you when you first turn the new smartphones with the obtaining of your old data. Contacts can be, calendar appointments, emails, notes, apps and hangout chat transfer, by signing in to your Google account.

Other transfer options
lollipop from Android 5.0 can your data during setup via NFC and Bluetooth transfer. The new device takes over then even some app settings and partly the arrangement of icons on the user interface. One of the two smartphones with an older version of Android, runs the new device downloads the apps after logging in to the Google account only from the play store. Thus lose stored settings. Scores can be secured is, however, quite simply: in Google play games the game progress in the most games in the Google cloud can be stored. Major developers also often offer an own cloud. To find a detailed guide to the transfer with Google, in the photo gallery under this paragraph. In the test the transmission via NFC and Bluetooth not meeting go smoothly. The connection setup was cumbersome and in two out of three cases, the Smartphones transferred only used Google account without the synchronized data. Should it not arrive with the Setup Wizard, use the already described sync using the new device. Similar may be also cloud data from the old to the new device, by you the corresponding apps for onedrive, onenote, dropbox & co. On the new smartphone set up.

Moving from Android to Android with Google

Moving from SMS and more

On Google, not all of the data coming across. If you own a Smartphone by Samsung or HTC, the manufacturer’s own app is recommended see last paragraph. One solution for all other devices is the use of third-party apps. The advantage: Some data that is not taken into account to Google, can be transferred to your new device. With the free app easy backup & restore, you take with SMS, MMS, call list, calendar, bookmarks, dictionary, contacts and apps. After you select of the data to be backed up, select the destination of the backup. In addition to the storage on an SD card, the backup to your Gmail account can be send or save it in a cloud of your choice. The latter option, dropbox, Google drive, onedrive and box sync are available. Want to send only your short messages on the trip, the free app SMS backup & restore is recommended. Also here, you determine whether the backup on a physical medium or Google drive, dropbox or an email to arrive. A detailed guide to using the apps offers the photo spread.

Moving from Android to Android with third-party

Storing data for Messenger-apps

Many Messenger offer now also have the option to put chat histories in the moving boxes. Whatsapp for example creates a backup, which ends up in the internal memory of the Smartphone every day. If you enable the appropriate function, the app saves your data as well as Google drive. Just open the app and tap the icon with the three dots in the corner top right. Then go to settings-> chats and calls-> Chat-backup-> Google drive back up and tap the button back up. There is a tutorial with pictures in the Photo Gallery (below). You want to get your chat histories, for example, from Android to ios, you will find our site for more tips.

Whatsapp chats with Google drive secure

Relocation tools of creator

Also the manufacturers offer apps for the move to a new device. It should be noted that not all data can be transferred at two smart phones of from different manufacturers. Depending on the moving helper you move contacts, emails, calendar, videos, photos, music, documents or notes on your newbie. The transfer runs via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mircosd card via a PC. The appropriate tools available in the Google play store: Samsung smart switch mobile, Xperia transfer mobile (for Sony’s devices), LG backup (transmitter), HTC transfer program and Motorola migrate. Warning: lgs app is suitable only for devices from two different manufacturers. Both your old and your new smartphone from LG, is use pre-loaded backup software under settings-> General-> save and reset-> LG backup. Motorola migrate only works on Android up to and including version 5. The current 6.0 Marshmallow does not support the app. At Samsung’s move app make sure also, that you first move your contacts on your Google or Samsung account, if they are stored in the device memory or on a microsd card. To open the phone book and select more-> settings-> device contacts move to.