New Messenger: Now Everyone Yodels

Now you’re a YODEL this message ploppt on more and more smartphones in Germany on. One million users worldwide have already downloaded the app itself. Yodeling is a mixture of social network and Messenger but without user profiles, without friends and followers. Special: All write anonymously and tell only their site. Each user within a radius of up to ten kilometers may read the sent and evaluate. The message that collects the most points, is at the top.

Post embarrassing

Especially popular: blaspheme about themselves and others. A user throws instead of a letter its Smartphone in the mail box. Another congratulated the Lord woman parking: Super that you are so open to your TRANS-sexuality! Such Jodel as the posts are called, made it into downtown Hamburg Mitte November 2016 to the top. Everyone learns in this local newsfeed right away, what happens to him around just so founder Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer.

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Help and threaten

YODEL can be used also for serious. So, users have already spontaneously organized refugee relief activities or demonstrations. At a Pegida demonstration in Dresden, the slogan was:, YODEL against baiting, reported Borgmeyer. The similar app yikyak has spread in the United States but already fear: pranksters posteten rampage threats. That was not funny the police and arrested the alleged author.

Users should check

Also there are problems with bullying and racism in schools and universities. For YODEL the user to prevent that. Also displeasure can reveal itself in the app: disappears declared Borgmeyer Yodel, a certain number of Downvotes. For yikyak, this function however has used nothing. Therefore should at Yodeling moderators in addition check the messages. But the job of the supervisor is probably soon quite confusing: in the new version, there will be groups, yodelling in which on certain topics. How Yodeling should bring in money, not yet determined according to Borgmeyer.

Makers and idea

The founder of Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer studied industrial engineering and 2013 started an anonymous Messenger for the circle of friends as telim’tor’s failed with three co-workers, got out the others. The 25-year-old went on alone and developed 2014 YODEL.