NEW Dior "Golden Winter" Collection (Christmas)

The year’s Christmas collection by Dior is a sign of gold. Be golden nuances, the golden shimmering highlighter eyeshadow palette or the Lipgloss with fine gold particles. Gold met in the collection not only in products but also in their packaging. The Diorific design is again present at Christmas time, gold is everywhere and is also in the name of the collection:”Golden winter ‘ – and thanks to the products that is feasible (if it no longer wants to work with White Christmas, make something glamorous and opulent everything ourselves and shine in luxurious gold!).
This time I have a very large selection * the collection here and would like this today show more specific in small Kurzreviews – so ever pulls out your Christmas wish list!
Take out your Christmas wish lists – today I’d like to show you some beautiful products of Dior’s “Golden winter ‘ Christmas collection in short reviews. You’re only one click away of getting to know the most glamourous collection of the year!

Dior 5 Couleurs Couture colour eyeshadow palette – “Golden Flower”

With the eyeshadow palettes in various Golden or golden shimmering shades are the heart of the collection. One of the two ranges is called “Golden Flower”, color technically rather is decorated in warm colours and contains a collection of very nice combinable: golden shimmering pink and beige, iridescent bronze-gold and a dark brown red clay are accompanied by a sequin-tone in white gold.
The Eyeshadows have a great texture, buttery (especially the bronz-sound!) and have a very good color output. The lower two colours are opaque, the upper two more semi opaque, it weighs over here but the shimmer effect (the pink top left looks for instance applied almost didn’t, because everything dubbed the Golden shimmer). Also the Middle, violently glittering highlighter is well pigmented, hardly crumbles (best one here uses a duo fibre brush that holds the glitter particles and placed only there, where they belong!) and has a magnificent effect (even solo he would look good!).
I’m not a too large swatch Pro, I leave it the Beautybloggern who really can (somehow it never was my talent, I prefer make-up and show you the end result!). Wonderful photos – even by two pallets – can be found at → Perilously Pale. Who is still my amateur photos want to look at, can → here (with artificial light) and → here (during the day) look.)
Both palettes cost about €54,-(content: 6 g, official shelf life:6 months).
The eyeshadow palettes with different golden or golden shimmering shades are definitely two of the centerpieces of the collection. One of them is “Golden Flower”, which features warm tones in a nice combination of colors:a golden shimmering rose and beige iridescent bronze-gold and a dark brown-red shade accompanied by a glittery “sequin shade” in white and gold. I love the texture and opacity, and each color has its own lovely effect.

Dior Diorific perfumed illuminating powder – “Rose d’Or”

As a large ‘ J’adore ‘fan I was particularly looking forward to the highlighter (by the way, in two colors available), which should have a very delicate scent of the perfume. Indeed is a very light touch of ‘ J’adore ” to smell when it sniffs at the Pan – I was hoping frankly on some more fragrance. When applying floats the smell disappears easily with, but immediately. A bit too drum because it offers this fragrance effect not only as a side effect, but is also in the name of and in my opinion therefore something should be more present.
That does not detract but luckily the Highligher himself and his wonderfully shimmering effect. The extremely fine Sheen simply only glamorous good looks and fits perfectly to the collection. A very fine powder that is very luxurious in its presentation. The powder (which is much smaller with a diameter of 6 cm, than I would have expected) is difficult to handle, is admittedly also a bit harder to open than usual (the lid closes magnetically at the last moment) and the folding mechanism is very high-quality (if it gets them in the hand, you know what I mean).
The product itself has not changed again (you see → here without looks like), a strong glistening over spray it over the but the effect – no matter whether with or without overspray, the result is always the same. The very fine particles of shimmer glitter beautifully in the light – I think for Christmas you could carry no more beautiful highlighters.”Rose d’Or” is very light Rosé color, but applied it is in my opinion not on – whether to the other color “Perle d’Or” (on the Promobildern more brighter and more golden) by the effect produced much difference, would it look at times in direct comparison.
You can see my Swatch and the enchanting shimmer → here.
69,-€ (content:6 g, official shelf life:12 months) ensure a very expensive product, which is also the highlight of the collection. A jewelry and collector’s item, which should be repealed, but not unused.
Being a huge fan of “J’adore”, I was very curious about this highlighter, which is supposed to slightly smell like the perfume. It actually does, but very very little. I was hoping for a more intense smell but I can live with it as the product is perfect even without the scent. The extremely fine shimmer is beautiful and couldn’t be better for a luxurious Christmas party (it will look gorgeous in festive candlelight!). The powder box is heavy, you can feel the high quality. The powder itself is covered with a glittery overspray, but it doesn’t change the effect whether it’s there or not. The color is a light rose gold but you can barely see it on your face.

Dior Addict Gloss – “Pink Fantasy” & “Enchanted Rose”

The two wonderful lip glosses had already taken me to the Promobildern – I really could not have decided which color I find more beautiful (and honestly can’t do it now). Luckily, I got both colors sent and let you decide.
“Pink Fantasy”, the darker gloss in glowing, Beerigen red contains fine golden Glitzerpartikelchens that are not noticed at all. The color is simply beautiful on the lips, it amplifies your own lip color and sounds it in the juicy, glossy shimmering tone. → Here I wear “pink fantasy”.
“Enchanted rose”, the bright, pink gloss, affects the lips slightly Milky, here are the Golden glitter particles that you can see on the photo it’s okay, visible also on the lips and make for a beautiful, fine glitter effect that perfectly match the remaining collection (especially to the highlighter). I wear → Here “enchanted rose”.
You can see my swatches → here. A close-up on the lips of ‘Pink Fantasy’ there is → here, by “enchanted rose” → here.
The Lipgloss cost about €28.50 (content: 6.5 ml, official durability not specified) and are as usual really top: no sticking due to the gel-like texture, a beautiful color charge and a great effect on the lips. And what color do you like best?
I couldn’t decide which of these two glosses is more beautiful – I am very happy that I got both colors and now it’s up to you to choose which one wins this battle.
‘Pink Fantasy’ is is a bright berry-red with fine golden shimmer that you can’t see on your lips. It boosts your own lip color and gives it a juicy glow. “Enchanted rose” appears a little milky on your lips and the golden shimmer is visible, making your lips sparkle perfectly for Christmas.

Dior Diorific Vernis – “Minuit”

I’ve already shown you the beautiful nail polish – so I’ll send you more info here on SHOPPINGPICKS.
I already showed you this gorgeous nail polish – for more information about it just → click here.

Dior Diorific Collection “Golden Winter” Long-Wearing True Colour Lipstick – “Winter”

I’ve already shown you the lipstick in the Color “winter”. The Diorific lipsticks are insanely noble – again a great gift idea. The post with Tragefoto is there → here.
The Diorific lipstick in “Winter” already made its appearance two weeks ago. These absolutely precious lipsticks are a great idea for a Christmas gift. → Here you can find my post about “Winter”.