New Devices Created Android N Will Be Updated in The Background, Was Finished Waiting

The next generation of Android devices they take nothing updated a new version of the operating system. With Android N they become the updates in the background, something to thank above all when the Nexus and other devices are now regular security updates every month.
Android N the system of partitions is inspired Chrome OS to update in the background. The operating system will go down and install the OTA in the background on a partition dedicated to that task. When the update is applied then Android will warn us that we have to list a new version of Android and to enjoy the improvements we have to restart. The device will restart normally but will load the new image of the operating system that has been updated in the background. We will not have to wait those long minutes to have applied the update from recovery mode. It will be reset and ready, in a few seconds the device will turn on updated.
This new system updates in the background is only available for the new devices that come from the factory with Android N that it will come ready with the new system of partitions. Current devices that receive Android N will continue to be updated as to time, but will make it faster, Android N loads applications optimization process making after each system update, process that can exceed half an hour.
Android N fail to optimize the applications after a system update for the new JIT compilation (just-in-time) running applications Android Runtime Environment)ART). Applications now will be compiled during their execution and in the background when the device is idle and charging for this reason no longer has have to recompile or optimize after one OTA. The new ART also achieved that applications are installed a 75% faster.