Navajo – Fashion Trend

Trend inspired by the clothes of ancient American Indians, Navajo fashion fell in the likes of the great designs, showing up in droves in recent weeks of international winter fashion. Especially in the collections of the brands Louis Vuitton, Pucci and Tibi. Here in Brazil, the brand Triya was responsible for bringing the navajo to fashion catwalks.
Gaining more and more supporters, navajo fashion promises to be one of the big hits of this winter 2011. Similar folk and ethnic style, it is made up of many colorful prints, with geometric designs in the form of a lozenge and several hot colors mixed among them, characteristic of these tribes also calls “Redskins”.
Navajo fashion doesn’t understand just clothes, no, many accessories are also influenced by this trend. Handbags, necklaces, earrings, shoes, rings and bracelets also take the lush and original navajo prints’s.
Very rich in details, the navajo trend is made of fur, lace, leather, fringes, beads, crochet and knitting. With all the pieces in the best artisanal style, she brings to women’s fashion, a plethora of caps, coats, ponchos, wool that can be used with most basic parts and urban areas, or in a total look, which also looks great; in this case, opt for dresses and coats with navajo prints.
If you prefer to invest in one piece stamped, which can be a skirt, waistcoat or scarf, combine it with other lisa, along with ankles boots, boots and shoes with tassels, cords and leather. For those who still fears risk in stamped parts, a good tip is to add navajo accessories casual productions that will also be beautiful.
Check out some photos from Navajo fashion trends and get inspired!