Narrow Rings and Delicate Material Lead to Current Jewelery Trends

Have you been to Pinterest lately?Yes?Then maybe you noticed.If you click on the categories fashion or popular, then in the last weeks and months new trends have always dominated the market and interest of the Pinner.Only a few trends have been consistently maintained and are rising even higher in the popularity of Pinterest users.And one of these trends are narrow rings .Reason enough, therefore, to get closer to these filigree jewelery.What forms are dominant and how do you wear these narrow rings?You will be given answers if you continue reading.

1. Filigree rings of gold

These filigree rings have thus smuggled themselves into the heart of many Pinner. And yet they are the complete opposite of what has dominated the jewelery market of the past season.There was big, eye-catching statement jewelry the very last scream.Whoever held something, was wearing statement jewelry.And it can still be today, because it is still announced.One might think that filigree jewelry is a kind of counter-statement.A small rebellion against the big siblings from the jewelery box.And you know what, I even really believe that this is true.This is perhaps also because of the fact that I could never win anything over-sized statement jewelry.Statement good and beautiful, but why then always so chunky, big, bright and colorful?And why mostly all at once?But well, that’s just my personal opinion.Nice, that I am not alone with it.Because with filigree jewelry you can also make a statement.Just one that points to a little restraint.The simple and simple impressed by its fragility.
The trend towards filigree rings has evolved almost simultaneously with the statement jewelery and is still more and more popular today.Since gold is once again a very important topic in the area of ​​accessories and jewelery, it also plays a pioneering role here.Filigree rings, which perhaps do not notice at first, now adorn more and more fingers.Sometimes just simple and simple in its simplest form, just as a ring.Often also as a small work of art, in which a certain form was incorporated into the ring.Some rings seem to be made from a single piece and in just one move.Hearts, stars or short letterings were incorporated as eye-catchers.Others have small jewelry or precious stones, which almost flashy from the ring finger flash.Just not big and pretentious, but still striking in their way.

2. How to wear the new filigree rings?

Of course, you can carry these filigree rings as usual on the lower finger ring of the ring finger.But there is another way.They should now be able to convince the middle finger member.Yes, you read correctly, at the middle finger.First of all, something sounds unusual, looks the same.But only in this way do these delicate rings come into their own.Everyone who is aware of this small, fragile piece of jewelry on his finger will be stuck with his gaze at the unusual variety of wear.And so the actual design of this ring is also apparent.And indeed, as she should.Even if they are simply designed and do not show excessive use of material, they want (and their bearers) a little bit of attention.;)
To wear it at the middle of the finger, you simply have to re-determine your ring size.We have already shown you how to do this in a small video.If this is done, the new ring is no longer in the way.Most beautiful color and one of the most popular materials of the season is gold.But after that you do not always have to judge.Personal tastes are different, so just take a look at our large range of rings.Every day, new pieces are added, waiting to be discovered by you.Do not let them wait too long, but now discover your personal favorites.
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