Nail Art with Adhesive Ribbons from Ebay

Guys, here’s a little rain so hot, that Nipper.. I had to share with you and do invejinha!!!!! RS
OK … We’re going to post!

I love vary in color and in the “art” of the nails, so how was inspired, I took some photos and made a walkthrough of how to use these very thin adhesive ribbons. I bought them on ebay and were super cheap. I’ve seen around here selling a roll for real and 3 on ebay paid almost that by 10 different color rolls (I bought this here).
Normally, we use the Ribbon over the nail polish. but it can be used as “mold,” and then removed, revealing the color of the enamel layer below. This second way is more work, but the result is quite beautiful.
Let’s go to the Walkthrough:

  1. Apply the glaze that will be at the bottom. Wait it dry well before applying the tapes, they can stick him in time to get them.
  2. With the tapes I’ve applied, pass the enamel will be the “coverage”. Ideally, it is well pigmented and covering the bottom with a layer of enamel.
  3. If your glaze has not a very good coverage (as my rs) apply a new layer.
  4. Soon after passing the enamel of “coverage” remove the tapes as soon as possible.When the drying enamel makes it harder to remove the tape.
  5. Wait the enamel of “coverage” dry well before applying the extra brightness/base over, not to run the risk of staining. Clean and ready.

Like I said this “technique” is labor intensive but is quiet to do. I used the glaze Blue-Colorama and Bionic Secret Gold-Hits, and the end result was as follows:
It’s easy!? YES! But it requires a little time and patience!! RS is not impossible.
I hope you enjoyed!!