Music Player Smart Extension

The “Music player Smart Extras” is a handy extension that allows you to easily control the MP3 player of your Android smart phone with the Sony Smart Watch. The mobile phone can thus remain in a fully occupied subway or while jogging quietly in the hand, jacket or trouser pocket.

Conclusion:Smart audio tool with small weaknesses
For all audiophile Smart Watch users, “Music player Smart Extras” is a great addition to the convenience of playing your music collection without having to keep your smart phone out. In addition, the free widget with all installed audio apps is well on the right. However, there are only alternatives for users of the Poweramp-player. They can also access “Poweramp Control smart Extras”.
Advantages:Remote control for the Android music player
Basic operation and Information:
With the LiveWare extension, you can stop and resume the current track at any time, switch to the previous or next track, and change the volume. Specially supported audio applications such as the “stock MP3 player” also allow the artist, title and cover art to be displayed on the Smart Watch display.
Supports alternative music apps:
The Smart watch widget works in principle with all installed players. The active or the last started MP3-app is controlled. In the test with the MortPlayer, the operation works without. However, no title information is transferred to the Smart Watch.
Cons:Improved composition
Small bug in player selection:
A sporadic malfunction occurred in the test. The default player was active and the forward and rewind function worked flawlessly. However, when the play/pause button was pressed, the alternative “MortPlayer” turned on and resumed playing its track list. However, the bug was not yet reproducible. One of the apps may not have ended correctly.
Tested under: Samsung Galaxy S3 under Android 4.12 and Sony Smart Watch with firmware 0.1. B. 1.3
Version update:Version 1.1.4 fixes a bug on Samsung tablets.
Except the music player, smart watch is also available for sports via Zipcodesexplorer.