Mural of the Village with Furniture and Spaces Decorated

Did you know that you can also participate in  the Village Wall by  sending photos of your customized furniture, or their decorated spaces? Did they see it? They can and should. Today is one of these murals where we will see how our colleagues decorate and transform their furniture and spaces using tips like  stickers  and  decupagem, a simple technique that really changes everything.
If you’ve never done furniture removal, click on the classes below:

  • Partitioning in furniture total surface
  • Decking on wooden furniture

And if you want stickers tips, click here.
One more thing: each photo has the author’s email. Did you have any doubts? Want tips? Write to the quoted email.
We remind you that any of you can send your photos to participate. Just check there at the end how to do. We are waiting.

Mural of the Village

The opening work at the top is by  Mirtes Pegorer, who mixed toilet rolls with ready-made wall stickers. One appreciated the other and it was too much!!!
She is also the shoemaker here below, a well-jeweled piece of furniture that has been transformed with paint and application of adhesives. A very fun result.
The   Ana Maria   shows how a small detail using decupagem gave more joy to the white closet.
A family piece of furniture that won another look. The   Olga   used cotton fabrics compose the coating of the dresser drawers. Very feminine!!!
So did   Jaciara, but this one she found on the street. Luck of artisan!!!
Exploring the same proposal of the fabric,  Ane  de Goiânia/GO opted for the calico in the decupagem of its bedside table. Now it’s another piece of furniture.
Large or mini, the drawer with drawer looks fluffy anyway. The   Sonia put together a patchwork prints.
Male talents also customize mobile, oras. There is  Fabio’s  furniture   with paint and adhesive application. Perfect.
We close with the professional work of   Valéria, decorating the cute little room of the baby.
Do you also do some kind of craftwork? Or remodeling furniture, or decorating?
Send your picture right away. Every week we have a post on the Village Wall.
The rules are:

  • Send up to 4 photos,  only one will be selected
  • Photos can not be watermarked
  • They should be very sharp so that we can publish
  • Cite your name, your city and the technique used

Send your photos to our site and wait for your time to arrive. The publications have no date forecast and are at our discretion, combined?