Multi Function Canvas Backpack

Sporty and chic bags are reliable and necessary companion for every day!

No matter what you are doing: it has always something and must store it somewhere. On the way to the Office, at the airport, walking the dog or the way around the corner to the Baker: We need bags to pack laptop travel things, treats or fresh wholemeal rolls. No one wears like everything in hands.
Because there are different pockets for any purpose and in pretty much any size, from the shoulder bag for a purse to the Duffel for bulky equipment and clothing on tours, this overview will help to shed some light on the Pocket jungle.

Properties, sizes and materials from bags

Small pockets are intended mostly for the reassignment or buckles to and accommodate all necessary accessories for everyday use or smaller tours. These include bags, security bags or even shoulder bags. Usually come here robust nylon fabric used, which are impregnated and protect the content from a slight chill. Fashion models of small bags are also made of cotton or linen. Here it is usually with a volume between one to eight liters.
Larger bags offer something then place for some food and a notebook, so you can use them for commuting or for shorter hikes. Made with a volume of 10 to 15 litres and long any synthetic fabrics (sometimes recycled), bringing it every day the necessary under. Your companion for any ReiseGrößere bags up to 20 litres are based mostly in the business sector and serve the transport of documents and larger laptops. Accordingly, also the cut is more rectangular.
Usually no classic bags, but transport bags, you can shoulder often like travel backpacks are anything beyond. A bag with a volume of between 30 and 120 litres used for lighter clothing depending on the weight or holds massive hardware for climbing holidays (so-called bags).

Details at pockets

On what you definitely should look for when purchasing a bag is the Interior with special subjects such as laptop compartment, safe-deposit box and key carabiner. This facilitates daily fiddling with the bag. In addition, the construction and the closure – and wear mechanism of the bag are important. Cycling a flat bag with belly freight is convenient to hiking rather a waist pack!