Movistar Raises The Price of Several of Its Fares Discontinued

The 1 August seems to have been the day chosen to change the conditions of some mobile phone rates and if Vodafone will now modify cards prepaid with 90 × 1, Movistar reports that you rise the price per minute of several of their print rates.
Although long (18 May 2007) that affected by rising rates were discontinued to be replaced by others with better prices per minute, Movistar makes a new attempt to mass migration of the discontinued at the applicable current rates which in most cases will mean an improvement although it should be noted that with the change you will lose other benefits associated as the saving module “ my five & #8221;.
The rates will be in the following way:
The truth is that with such changes as usual, the tagline of rates “ for life & #8221; already it is not credible so hopefully that operators do not try to return to attract us with this type of sentences, or at least have the decency to deliver what they advertise.