Movistar Offers HSPA +

Movistar It will increase the download speed of mobile Internet thanks to HSPA+, whose infrastructure allows for speeds of up to 21 megabits per second, starting with Madrid and Barcelona, but in 2010 will expand it to the rest of the capital with more than 250,000 inhabitants.
To offer a HSPA + modem, Sierra Wireless USB 307, with a price of 19 euros, which also functions as a reader for MicroSD cards and two flat rates for Internet, one with HSPA +.
The first is the Internet flat rate Plus, at a cost of 39 euros per month offering unlimited 7 Mbps traffic, although the speed is reduced once consumed 5 GB. The Flat Internet rate Maxi It costs 49 euros a month and allows you to download at 21 Mbps, lowering the speed to overcome the 10 GB.
As promotion, three months in connection with the latter will have a 50% discount on the fee.