Movistar Cut Its Rate Pluraal to Achieve 100,000 Users

The rate Pluraal Movistar was launched last fall with the main advantage of calls Movistar customers who have contracted this rate prepaid and contract speak for 0 cents per minute among them the first 60 minutes of each call in Exchange for a monthly fee of 1 euro.
But this fee will also see reduced its rate to other destinations How many more customers have it contracted so from today, to overcome more than 100,000 activations, this rate will be reduced automatically to 19 cents per minute in contract and 32 cents per minute in prepaid card.
If getting the first rebate have had to wait for almost 8 months, surely it will take much more see other discount since it will now take to get 150 thousand new activations with the disadvantage that the pace of firings will reduce.