Movistar Also Gives Internet New Customers Prepay for 10 Weeks

It seemed that this time the Christmas promotions only going to reach the segment of mobile virtual operators, while the great finally dedicated to improving their rates, but after the month of gift in Vodafone yu: Movistar It also has its promotion for new customers of prepaid.
The blue operator, which despite their merger has failed to stop the bleeding of mobile customers, launches an interesting Christmas offer for those looking for a temporary mobile Internet access.
The offer consists in ten weeks of rate flat 3 Internet free When you purchase a prepaid SIM card online for 10 euros, with the same initial balance, with free shipping, or by 12 euros in a Movistar shop.
The newly released rate for Prepaid Internet 3 flat offers 100 navigation at maximum speed mb per week, reducing the speed of the connection at 64 kbps down in case of using the included traffic.
The acquisition of the card does not involve any commitment to stay so this kind of gifts, in addition to being a holiday promotion, seems to have a clear intention to attract customers to improve data from Movistar, month-to-month suffering the loss of thousands of mobile customers.