Movistar Again to Change The Terms of The Advance Payment of Balance

Anticipating balance It is a service that allows users of Movistar prepaid apply for an advancement of balance to be able to continue to use mobile in moments in which can not recharge in the usual way.
This service has been available since 2007 but last year already modified their conditions and now returns to do so since it happens to advance 4 euros for a cost of service of 34 cents (plus VAT) for advance against the 3 euro for 25 cents it cost so far.
In order to request advance payment you must have less than 2 euros of balance, not to have any advance payment pending, have a minimum age of 3 months and longer charging any amount in the last 15 days. The service can be requested by sending a Free SMS to with the text advance 2233, by calling the same number or from the client area of the web of Movistar.
Vodafone and Orange already expanded long ago your advance payment of balance to 2.5 and 3 euros for 20 and 19 cents respectively. Could it be that the high rates of these operators in prepaid make that smaller advances do not serve practically to nothing?