Mountaineering Leggings

Gaiters: protection against cold, wet and dirty

With leggings, the right footwear and hard-wearing trousers, mountaineers are well positioned – even in cold, wet and muddy conditions. Boots are specially designed to protect the transition between shoes and pants. Because here, rain or snow can easily penetrate and make sure that mountaineers get cold feet. So that this doesn’t happen, the use of boots worth. They form an additional layer of protection to the calf – from the heel to the knee.

Requirements for leggings

Whether the snow-shoe hiking, trekking or ski touring: Leggings must provide reliable protection against cold, wet and dirty. No matter in which field boots – used this protection function is always in demand. It is influenced by two components: a the material made the spat must be waterproof. On the other hand gaiters at the top of the leg and at the bottom of the shoe must can be reliably fix, so they are pretty waterproof  and breathable.

Extended activities under extreme weather conditions and in extreme mountaineering more demands on leggings are made: by breathability of ventilation and isolation properties.

Selection criteria for leggings

A gaiter is simple: it’s a hose made of waterproof if possible durable material. Nylon is used in most cases. This hose is from the heel to the knee to the calf and closed by Velcro or zipper in conjunction with Velcro. Come different variants, which ensure that the boots reliably on the calf and the shoe can be fixed to this basic gaiter. Simple Leggings have hooks or under foot straps, advanced models via neoprene bridges with pin buckles for fastening to the shoe. Above, neither snow nor rain can penetrate, the spat should calf closely can be and are well fixed. That is why leggings often close with a drawstring. This can be quickly and easily with one hand, open or pull. With these features, leggings offer perfect protection. For winter sports enthusiasts, that long and hard, want to experience the snow, another aspect can be interesting: an additional zipper for ventilation purposes.