Mountaineering & ice climbing

Ice climbing – the challenge of bizarre ice formations.

Few years ago, ice climbing was regarded as discipline, which was reserved for only seasoned mountaineers. Today, ice climbing in addition to appropriate fitness demands much knowledge, discipline and courage. However much teamed in terms of equipment and availability of ice falls and steep ice, so that this sport is now available for a wide range of mountain sports enthusiasts.

Ice climbing itself, the term describes a range that extends from the climb on ice fields at full speed climbing at free-standing ice falls. It is one of the most fascinating disciplines of mountain sports requires a good equipment and knowledge to move safely in the ice.

Equipment for the ice climbing

essential equipment for the ice climbing ice screws and more mobile devices are two ice axes, crampons, which are suitable for use in the ice, as well as a set:
ice devices: here it comes to the personal taste of the climber. A distinction is generally in ice axes ice tours and the steep climbing. An ice unit has either a hammer to hook strike or a shovel. The weight and the balancing of the device depends the physical conditions of the climber and the operational area. High-quality ice devices are by many manufacturers such as, for example, Petzl, black diamond or Austri Alpin available.
Ice screws: a well used ice screws in solid ice can form very good protection. They are razor-sharp and biting down through the thread in the ice. There are ice screws in different versions with or without fold-out crank from manufacturers such as Black Diamond, Petzl, Grivel in various lengths.
Crampons for ice climbing: climbing steep ice, classically Zwölfzacker be used. They are particularly stiff and feature a solid lock. Crampons for ice climbing with mono – or dual – front teeth are available depending on the taste and application.
Finding the right equipment requires much experience and knowledge. Our customer support team will gladly advice questions.

More ice climbing equipment

In addition to the above equipment to the Locomotion in the ice, there are other pieces of equipment, which are used mostly for the easy sports -, or alpine climbing. These include half and twin ropes, which are necessarily for the ice climbing, ropes in the easy line the risk of damage by crampons or ice axe is too large.
Mobile also means such as chocks, friends or even impact hooks are used depending on the terrain. Just classic Sling material and accessory cords can be used to build a good protection by drilling ice hourglasses.
Also makes the ice climbing on the clothing highest demands – it should offer as much movement and be still waterproof or at least highly water repellent. For attaching crampons, crampons for shoes with a stiff sole are needed.
Of course, also the helmet should not be missed. Here, models with optional on klippbarem sight are available. Last but not least, a good ice climbing guide gives good information about the course of the tour and the establishment of protection and stands already prior to the tour.

Tooling and mixed climbing

tooling means climbing in ice-free rock with equipment that is similar to the routs. Nevertheless, come for this area, as well as the mixed climbing often differently shaped and built up ice axes and crampons for use as when pure ice climbing.
With the right equipment and related Know-How, ice climbing is controllable and peerless mountaineering experience in a very own world of ice, snow and water.