Mountain Hardwear Enterprise Daypack

Good shouldered with the daypack by alpine mountains

One of the most important paraphernalia on a hike is and remains the backpack. Because in him not only the change of clothes is tucked away, but also urgently needed equipment, as well as the entire food. Is just for one day in the mountains, a day Pack, known as a daypack offers space – whether for a simple hiking, climbing or ski tour.

Daypacks – everything included and everything in it for a whole day

day packs are available for every kind of sport and differ compared to touring rucksacks especially in terms of weight and function. So, a day Pack is much lighter and more compact, because it is designed primarily for easy day tours and alpine activities in the mountains.
On longer trips, he comes also often added to a voluminous backpacking backpack use. Nevertheless, day backpacks offer ample storage for everything that is needed for a perfect day in the mountains. Depending on the size, day packs have a capacity between 10 and 30 litres, which can be increased on some models have an adjustable backpack cover to another 5 to 10 liters. Almost all daypacks are also equipped with a special compartment for the storage of a reservoir.
As a result, the backpack for a drink break must not have be discontinued. The hydration system water hose runs easily through an opening in the backrest forward and is always easily accessible even while running. But otherwise a daypack offers many functional details, such as a helmet, an ice axe or walking sticks to him to fix.

Day packs are the best backing on every tour

Who is on the road with a day Pack matched perfectly to the ergonomics of the carrier, is the faithful companion in sometime barely notice when it comes to weight and freedom of movement. Because optimally packaged, distributed the load to load-bearing mainly on the hips and therefore no longer pulls the shoulders.
Nothing to sneeze at, but also the protective function of a day Pack with a cold tailwind or in case of emergency even when crashing is. So some day backpacks now have a built-in back protector and not only at ski tours offer an extra safety.