Mountain Bike Wheel Guide

Wheel Guide for a successful tour!

What’s more beautiful than to experience the world on the bike? Multi-day tour on the Moselle cycle path or the ISAR cycle route or the most beautiful routes on its own doorstep, with a good gear guide, no detail escapes one! The backpack is packed and the bike is ready to go? Well then don’t go, with a tour guide nature discover!

What does a wheel Guide offer

Yes, the tour can be scheduled on your own. But first of all, it takes time and secondly there is a risk to miss much. Why so not prefer equal access to the cycling guides? A good bike guide contains well researched and accurately described tours.
Comprehensive route descriptions and outlines in individual stages facilitate the planning of the whole affair. They described tours usually have known paths and are often characterized by their difficulty. Cycle maps, elevation profiles and depending on the output, also GPS data for downloading ensures a straightforward bike navigation.
Who are out all day, which must also engage. Cycling Guide contains important information about rest areas, refreshment facilities, accommodation and campsites. Important landmarks, information about country and people and the occasional anecdote are of course also on board.
Whether on the Ruhr Valley trail once around the picturesque Lake Garda, or by the Sauerland on the Moselle cycle path end the day with a wine tasting can be a good wheel guide must! The well-known publishers such as the Bergverlag Rother, verse ante Sud, compass or the climb & bike Publisher provide guarantees an unforgettable bike tour!