Motorola Will Inaugurate on Saturday Its First Retail Store in Chicago, Complete with Motorcycle Maker Area

We haven’t even finished speaking of Google’s non-retail store in New York, and here comes Motorola to announce that it will open one them. And no mention of plans outlined in a remote future: the first opening will take place this Saturday, November 7, while the official party will take place on Saturday after November 14 ,.
Of course Motorola has the same availability of giants like Microsoft and Apple, so will start relatively small: the first store will be located at the company’s Chicago hometown, specifically the number 108 of N State Street.
Motorola has already spread some before pictures (see them scattered on the page) and some details about what it will contain. In addition to all smartphones that make up the current portfolio of the company, including all three new Moto X, the third generation of Moto G and the second by motorcycle and, ample space will be given to the second generation of Motion 360.
There will also be some areas that could be defined as “things”: Motorcycle Maker will be the “real” version of the well known service that allows you to customize materials, features and finishes of various products Motorola (and which in Italy still has disappeared, sadly), although apparently in the boutique you can operate only with Moto X Pure Edition (the American variant of Moto X Style); Motorbike Shoot will be a place to try out the camera capabilities of the new Moto X Style, Play and Force; Finally there will be a “drop zone” where test first hand (if the video with the hammer wasn’t enough) the goodness of ShatterShield, the new technology of shatterproof glass that characterises the brand new Moto X Force.
We will see the project expand to other American cities? For now do not know. Company executives probably will want to see how it behaves on “pilot” in the upcoming Christmas shoppingseason. In the meantime, if you’re planning a vacation over there, make a note of the address and tell us how it is.