Motorola Moto X (2015): Photos Show The New Smartphone With Selfie Flash

The Motorola Moto X (2015) to impress due to its camera features. Now, photos on a Facebook page called Perú Android have surfaced that appear to confirm at least one of the functions ascribed to the Smartphone: the LED flash for the camera on the front.
Thus, sharp Selfies with the Moto X (2015) should be possible even in the dark. The Facebook page has published not only the photos that should have been played to her from a “reliable source”. Details are also provided to tell there as Android Authority reported. Therefore, the Smartphone should have a 2K-Bildschirm and a 21-MP camera on the back. Already in may, there had been rumors, that the camera should have an optical image stabilizer and also allows slow motion shots with a high frame rate of 240 fps.
Fingerprint Scanner In The Speaker?
Another detail to the Moto X (2015), which is betrayed Perú Android on the Facebook page, is rather unusual: according to this Motorola should have accommodated the fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the speaker on the front.
Motorola Moto X (2015) Photos Show The New Smartphone With Selfie Flash
Should this happen in fact, Motorola would be the first Smartphone manufacturer who has installed this security feature without the need for an own button. Motorola could optimize the ratio between the display and front page – and still offer the biometric function. It remains questionable whether Motorola has really solved the space problem in this way. Probably, we’ll learn more on July 28 when the company likely will present the successor of the Moto X by 2014.