Motorola Moto G Test: Third Generation Of Mid-Range Android

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Moto G has grown up. With an improved camera and LTE in all variants, Motorola eliminates the weaknesses of its predecessor. Thanks to the waterproof housing, the Moto G3 even for frustrated Samsung customers will be interesting. The Moto G3 to start still well above 200 euros, cost it is now well below that mark, despite better technology. Best price on the Internet: 149.00 Euro * order incorporated this product at Amazon Pro LTE waterproof housing case color online configurable sharp camera decent battery life memory via microsd expandable counter of small memory 8 GB version battery not even changeable Testrating editorial 2.72 satisfying user rating (out of 1 reviews)

Motorola Moto G 3: complete test at Our site

On 28 July 2015, Motorola unveiled the brand new smartphone Moto G (3rd generation) the public our site went through the unit however already a complete laboratory test! For this, the editors could get exclusively a niegelnagelneues Moto G 3 direct from Motorola. Learn about how the third edition of Motorola’s successful mid-range Smartphone in the test has struck here.

Alternative: Moto G 3-version with 16 GB

Apart from the here tested 8 GB variant, there are the Moto G 3 in a rarer and around 50 euros more expensive version with 16 gigabytes of internal memory and twice memory (2 GB), available in black or white. Interested parties should also at Amazon France look, where there every now and again, cheap is the Moto G3 (16 GB) with shipping to Germany and billing through the German Amazon account.

The new camera: better than its predecessor

The camera was one of the few things the Our site Moto G 2nd generation had to criticize the predecessor. Exactly this criticism evidently took Motorola to heart: the new Moto G now has a 13 megapixel camera (the predecessor offers Moto G 2nd generation 8 megapixel). This is not enough: A dual Flash with two different coloured leds also built; on the front side of the camera resolution of previously two to five Megapixels for Selfies and for video chats is growing. In the photo Visual test during daylight hours (Note: 3.06) cut the Moto G3 with its 13-megapixel lens that is better than its predecessor. At that time, he received the note 3.61. The photos of the Moto G3 show some blur, but not were by the distinct color variations as disturbed at the Moto G 2. The technical quality of the photo, which was measured for the 13-mega pixel camera of the new Moto G was also higher (Note: 1.65, at the G2 Moto there was the note: 2.07).

Video on the subject of

Also, by 2015, there is a mid-range smartphone from Motorola: the Moto G of third-generation. Our site it presents. First look: Motorola Moto G (3rd generation)

Hardware: only a few innovations

Other hardware, Motorola has not much changed at his new Moto G: the screen of the device also measures 5 inches and solves with 1280 x 720 pixels to exactly as with the predecessors. The Moto-G-3 display has 294 ppi also the identical pixel density of the Moto G 2. However, whose screen is darker than just as bright to monitor of the Moto G 3 with his 487,6 CD/m2 with 452,3 CD/m2. Although the Moto G3 is a touch (155 vs. 156 grams) lighter than the Moto 2 G, for it is but curiously also slightly thicker (1.16 vs. 1.05 cm) become.

More memory there is only optional

Motorola gives it the 16-gigabyte version of the new Moto G with twice the memory of 2 gigabytes. The smaller version, that image was COMPUTER for the test, offered only 8 gigabytes memory with 1 gigabyte of RAM. The 8 GB memory but only 4.53 GB for apps, photos, videos and music are free in practice. Since the installed Android 5.1.1, differently than the upcoming Android M, still no installation of apps on memory cards allowed the 8 GB of internal memory are really bad tight. After all the memory card microsdhc up to 32 GB can still expand.
Moto G3 + tariff for 9.99 euros a month! Exclusive: Secure to the offer until 31 August 2015

The first outdoor Moto G

That was really surprising: the Moto G of third-generation is waterproof! It’s blossomed even as an alternative to the Galaxy S5, as the successor of Galaxy S6 Samsung has removed the waterproof housing. Motorola uses the standard IPX 7, which means: protection against temporary immersion. A label goes to the back of the new unit recalls once again, like the works but only that, when the back cover is properly closed. In the test makes the new Moto G on some short dives anyway, always good, never mentioned reliably.

Moto G 3rd generation in pictures

The Moto G3 is stained

Aside from the hardware the biggest change: the Moto is G colorful but only if you want! How already at Motorola’s top smartphone you can choose online Moto X on Moto maker from a wealth of upper shell. There was the legacy only in black and white, users at the upcoming Smartphone itself can determine what the back looks like. Backs made of wood or leather like at the Moto X there is not.

A brisk Baker thanks to quad-core processor

A Qualcomm Snapdragon-410 processor ensures a very fast operation. The Moto 3 G thus showed a good work rate. Let it be operated liquid and also graphically intensive games and apps ran on Motorola’s new mid-range Smartphone without blemishes. Worked as well as displaying Web pages the device quickly.
“like the new technology in Moto 3 G generation. But it is more not a bargain!” Christian Just, head of Department of telecommunications & Internet

Announced Android 6

The operating system relies on the current Android Motorola 5.1.1. Pleasing to the user: officially Motorola has already announced an update to Android 6 Marshmallow for the Moto G3. Motorola relies on a so-called stock Andoid surface, where was dictated by the Android system to your own needs. Advantage: No frills interferes with the smooth operating.

…und LTE on board

LTE CAT 4 (data rate up to 150mbps) is also on board. Motorola pushed after here is still a device in the previous generations. The strategy is 2015 no longer up to date. Thus, the model range for the Moto G 3rd generation would be finally something clearer. It’s a pity only that there is still no Wi-Fi ac support for the Moto G. Who at home or via a hotspot in the Internet dials with the device can access ghz frequency only the frequently very overflowing 2.4. With a corresponding volume of data it is usually clear with LTE fast on the train.


The Motorola Moto 3 G is equipped with a 2,315 full mah rechargeable battery which is installed in the device. In the test lab, run out of steam went 11 hours and 51 minutes in typical everyday use with surfing, telephone, Wi-Fi, LTE, videos and photographing from the mid-range Smartphone. The 2,250 mah battery of Moto G LTE 2nd generation 4 G had a 11 hours and 49 minutes in the same test course only a marginally less runtime.

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The price makes the music

Originally the Moto G3 with 229 euro was comparatively expensive. After the price cut to less than 200 euros, however, it’s a real price tip now again. Even the older Moto G 4 G LTE 2nd generation is hardly better. Thanks to the better camera and waterproof shell is the Moto G3 but the better buy. And even older versions of the Moto G have no LTE. Tip: Before buying, you should test whether there is currently not even cheap deals for the better 16 GB version of the Moto G3. To start, there was the Moto G3 for 1 euro as the action with 1-GB-discount fare (9.99 euros a month). The action is now expired.