Motorcycle Touring Pants Review

Touring pants – full leg length is perfectly protected

Much can be waived on a hiking tour through the mountains safely. Only on a perfectly fitting and highly functional touring pants do not. Accordingly, are also among the standard equipment of every regulatory touring pants and are all-weather – in the winter as in the summer – and in all sporting activities. Regardless of whether they are worn directly on the body or as additional weather protection in the luggage. Touring pants filled always the same multiple tasks at the same time: it protects both legs from cold, wind or rain. On the other hand prevent tours pants also possible injuries in falls and protect against sharp rocks or sharp objects.

A touring pants Hazzard

There are tours pants in the various designs and in different materials. The range from the breathable Hardshellhosen or rain trousers over the Fed Softshell pants down simple tours pants for hiking or climbing. Because, depending on the season and area tours pants must not only against wind and weather protect, but be especially durable.
While climbing and hiking pants in terms of their material properties rather rely on flexibility and light weight, it is touring pants for skiing trips, multi pitch or ice climbing in particular on the durability. So it may well be, that a particularly active mountaineers hang several touring pants in the closet has.

Hardshell – or Regenose – main thing waterproof and breathable

Even if rain pants is often declared as Hardshell pants, she will usually but stowed in a backpack and taken in bad weather over the actual touring pants. A Hardshell pants, however, can be worn directly on the skin and is made much more robust by the material. In almost all tours pants, now highly functional membranes that are breathable and thus always ensure a balanced body climate and always dry legs are processed.
Some of the pants have laminated zippers that provide or facilitate the purchase or taking off the touring pants in addition for fresh air if necessary on the outside of the leg. To avoid cuts or injuries, the ends of the trouser legs are also equipped with a robust edge protection. Thus the sharp edges of the ski and the sharp spikes of crampons of touring pants can have on little.

Highly recommended: touring pants in soft shell material

Soft shell is one of the most popular touring pants material, when it comes to simple climbing and hiking tours. Although the softshell material is not waterproof, but can withstand a short rain shower, and is frequently used in combination with a rain pants the most sensible solution.
Thanks to its flexible properties, it is suitable in particular for highly active movement sequences. But even in particularly cold areas, and ski tours or hikes in the winter it can convince. So’s offers outstanding properties for a fed touring pants, the body’s warmth to save and to reliably protect against wind cooling from. Equipped with suspenders individual tours pants have an additional plus of heat for the back and the sensitive kidney area.