Moto X Force Challenge Competition in a Video Drop Test

Moto X Force is certainly one of the most interesting devices presented by Motorola now 2015. Announced exclusively for Verizon with Droid name Turbo 2, Moto X Force will reach our market and will be the first Terminal to fit a shatterproof display Shattershield vouched for well 4 years. Obviously this is what Motorola says, but how the device will behave when subjected to extreme falls? Let’s find out with two movies that we propose.
The first video is a commercial made by Motorola that compares his X Force into a drop test on cement with other popular terminals like Galaxy S6, iPhone 6s Plus, Note 5, S6 Edge, LG G4 and HTC One M9. This movie does not present particularly difficult challenge conditions, except for the extreme hardness of the cement block against which phones will impact in succession.
If the spot Motorola there convincing, the second video is much more eloquent. This time the Challenger is only iPhone 6s Plus, which is defended well in the first test, although they are final ones to leave you speechless. Moto X Force tackles falls from heights really high without his display goes to pieces, even though the death of the Terminal comes inexorably. We leave you the video to find out the details.