Mobile Preview: the Smartphone-Blockbuster Are 2016

An eventful year of the Smartphone comes to an end time for views on what big and small manufacturers have 2016. In the past, views about possible successor models of modern smartphones often ended with the sentence that not more Pandey are bigger! The mobile all-rounder grow only the display and the casing itself inexorably, in the best case. Since a lot can be at numerous representatives get. But who knows, maybe the lush times have also passed and the trend to more manageable models again? Another trend emerged already: 2016 might be the year of the pressure-sensitive screens. Apple’s 3D-Touch and Huawei’s force-touch have done it, the competition draws most likely.

Mobile Preview: the top smartphones 2016

This brings the next year bringing 2016 yet? In the series of photos already see the top models of the coming year maximum unofficially, of course. Because even the manufacturers hold back. With the mobile radio fair Mobile World Congress (22 to 25 February 2016; COMPUTER is for you live at MWC in Barcelona) the secrecy to end should go. Until then, the editorial staff picks up the current rumors and shows how our site new mobile year imagine image and the technology community. This top devices by Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC & co. Should be have on the radar!

Apple iphone 7

2015 simple model care was announced at Apple. After the Bendgate revolt at the iphone 6 plus, smoothing out the iphone 6S plus with new material the waves (and the bow). 2016 Apple pendant with the iphone 7 in the new design probably fully the rumor mill to succeed is seething at their expense already come: the home button disappears and comes a 3D screen? Answers to these and many other questions provide 2016 time and Our site!

Samsung Galaxy S7

In addition to the regular Galaxy S6 Samsung published 2015 the edge model, which with its spectacular arched screen to transform the Galaxy S series. Two pronged one successor, the again? Almost all the rumors suggest. A radical makeover not there for the S7, Samsung is based on its predecessors. Biggest innovation may be a pressure-sensitive display. To a fast USB-type C connector to join and the memory card slot may be celebrating his return. Soon clarity likely insiders expect a first presentation to the MWC, or shortly before, so around mid February 2016. It takes you too long? Then on the desired design by our site and Martin Hajek is worth.

Exclusive design: Samsung Galaxy S7

Well, cheap and chic

One thing already is certain: 2016, smartphones are really good for little money. Companies such as Xiaomi, elephone & co. Could sit up in the recent past and have now become a name. Smart software and clean processing no longer are the unchallenged domain of the established manufacturers. The French company WIKO and the Spaniard by BQ push with richly-equipped mid-size devices at dumping prices in the highly competitive mobile phone market.
Product Overview: The latest Smartphones


Remains exciting, what exotic 2016 impression. There are many good ideas, but rarely are these concepts making it to market. The Fairphone 2 has 2015 made it in and stimulated to think with his message for fair production conditions. 2016, the modular smartphones may create the breakthrough. And Google wants to turn into an experiment box the phone with project ARA.

Overview: the best smartphones

100 mobile phones, Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG & co.

Still a cell phone or mini computer already?

Smartphones are still phones despite its large feature set. Therefore, it should be easy to use, offer long battery life and a robust housing. The Our site test verifies the criteria, only an ejoyable Smartphone captured the top of the leaderboard.