Ministry Encourages Use of Bicycle As Transport

Officials In Brasilia Have Two New Bicycle Lorries

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map) is increasingly seeking to adapt and collaborate with sustainable actions. Now the action developed is the incentive to use the bicycle as transportation to work.
From the reforms made in the garage in the Headquarters building and in the Annex building, the Map allows a vacancy for 18 bicycles. The initiative also brought greater security to users and contributed to a better quality of life.
In February of this year, a bicycle rack was installed with 6 seats in the Headquarters building, and in April another one with capacity for 12 bicycles was installed in the annex building. According to the coordinator-substitute of the General Coordination of Logistics and General Services (CGSG) of the Map, Antonino Rodrigues de Souza Junior, for the implementation of the bicycle racks it was also necessary adjustments in the locker rooms to better serve the users.
“So far the number of seats is sufficient for internal use. Now the studies for the construction of the outdoor bike rack are already being done, “said Junior.
The CGSG server, Mauro Lemos, lives in Ceilandia and uses the Attachment’s bike rack every day. On the way between his residence and the Central Bus Station, he takes his bike in the last subway car and from there comes pedaling to the ministry.
Mauro says he chose this alternative to save time and money.”The bicycle rack brought more comfort and safety to us,” he says.
Another adept that combines practice of exercises and economy is the vigilante Raimundo Silva. He has been working on the Map for 23 years and has joined the bicycle as transport to improve his health. Silva and his wife travel every two days 33 km from Ceilandia to the Plano Piloto.
He reports that before the construction of the space the bicycles were placed in inappropriate places, which disturbed the passage of pedestrians.
According to Alcilea da Silva, head of the Division of Health Promotion (DSAU) of the Map, the use of the bicycle brings several benefits for both physical and emotional health.
Pedaling is a simple exercise like walking, which helps prevent chronic diseases like obesity, cholesterol and hypertension. In addition, it is an aerobic activity that can be performed for any age,”he explained.