Merino Wool Long Underwear

The best for under it: warm Merino underwear

Whether in mountaineering or hiking, warm underwear Merino is the perfect base layer under the Oudoorjacke and the trousers. Merino Wool underwear keeps warm, is ultra thin, breathable, elastic, easy to clean, and geruchsresitent, so the right choice for functional underwear for the outdoor sports. Even in the wet state, Merino Wool underwear offers yet a certain heat output. And the best: Merino Wool is a natural 100% raw material!

Where is the raw material for Merino Wool underwear?

The Merino sheep is based in the New Zealand Alps and provides the raw material for Merino underwear. The animals must cope with extreme climatic conditions. The winters are harsh and summers hot. The wool is natural functional clothing for the sheep a kind and protects it from cold in winter and kept it from overheating in the summer.
Also, Merino Wool has a natural UV protection. These properties are not only well to protect, but of course also for underwear Merino Merino sheep from the local climate.

Why just underwear Merino?

The Merino Wool is a true “miracle fibre” and makes Merino underwear into something very special. In the outdoor area, Merino underwear can score with their outstanding properties
is in contrast to the “normal” very fine Merino Wool. So very thin fabric to be produced, which helps their great wearing comfort of Merino Wool underwear. Merino underwear adapts to the skin and feels even after extended wear never uncomfortable or disturbing. Another great feature of Merino underwear is their high insulation ability. Although Merino Wool underwear is very thin, she will keep warm properly.
This makes the best base layer the onion skin principle Merino underwear. Man survives even freezing temperatures with warm Merino underwear as a base. Also, Merino underwear features a great breathability. So perfect when you come into the sweat.

Merino is odor-resistant

Promoting yet another positive aspect to days: Merino Wool underwear accepts no bad odors. If you so not every day can switch the Merino underwear on a longer tour, this leads to no unpleasant situations for the nose. If the underwear from Meriono must be washed on the road then look, that’s not bad.
Merino Wool underwear is easy to clean and quick-drying and therefore rapidly again ready for use. Who at the outdoor sports still something for looking under it, which should take a closer look at underwear made of Merino!