Merino sweater (80)

Fluffy, warm and functional: the Merino sweater

, Merino Wool Sweater are true all-rounders in the Outdoorpullovern. Even though they are made from natural fibers, they offer many features that only fabrics made of artificial fibres can score. And they can even a lot more!

Where are the raw material for Merino Wool Sweater?

The wool, are made of Merino Wool Sweater comes from the Merino sheep. These sheep living under adverse climatic conditions in the Southern Alps. The summers there are hot, while winters are freezing. That’s why nature has a kind of them natural outdoor clothing missed: their fur. These special fibers give the Merino sweater its outstanding properties.

The properties of a Merino sweater

Merino Wool Sweater warm the body, they are breathable even in a natural way. Also, Merino sweater take no odors, which is a real advantage for multi-day tours. And even if the Merino sweater is even moist, that’s no problem! The thermal capacity in the moist State is still good, on the other hand, Merino Wool dries very quickly. Merino Wool Sweater offer also a wonderfully pleasant and soft feel. In contrast to normal wool the Merino fibre to the skin scratching. And last but not least, Merino sweater with their “miracle”fibers have a natural UV protection, which is an important factor in functional clothing.