Men's Jackets that Are up for the Winter

Winter is coming!And if you want to get ready to face the cold in style, it pays to know the jackets models that are up that year.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is literally booming this fall/winter. Here at you can get more different models of the men’s fashion. It is a great choice of jacket to use in places where there is so much cold. Because they are lighter and generally more basic, they combine with various types of looks. The current models feature prints, both front and back.

Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jackets are classic jackets that have emerged at American universities, marked by the one-color sleeve. And every fall/winter they appear with new models, colors, fabrics, cuts, but always keeping their essence high school. It is a great choice of jacket for the Brazilian winter, since it can be used in different styles, open or closed, from the social to the stripped.

Track Jackets

With the current trend of re-reading the pieces that were successful in the 90’s, the sports jacket, known worldwide as “Track Jacket”, came back with everything this year.Especially the jackets models that bring the retro style.

Jeans Jacket

The jeans never go out of style and this includes the denim jacket.This winter they are always welcome!
Currently they are appearing with the destroyed and/or patched trend.

Jacket with lining

The jackets with synthetic sheepskin lining, or wool, are a fashion rescue.They have been missing for years and now promise to be one of the winter 2017 bets.
It is a great jacket option to use in places where the cold is very intense!

Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are those cuddly jackets, which appear to have been “inflated”.They are great for the cold, as well as extremely light and take up little space in the suitcase.
Also serves as a good option to match all types of looks.

Leather jacket

Leather jacket is an icon!I consider it a piece that every man needs to have in the wardrobe.
The cool thing is that the leather jacket gives a touch of attitude to the look and serves any type of combination, from social to casual.
What jackets do you already have in the wardrobe?