Men's Glasses Trend

Men’s glasses trend 2016, models, brands, prices. Know what are the main bets for next year regarding this accessory that makes success both among men, helping to compose a nice visual.
In addition to complete the costumes for several occasions, giving more charm and elegance to the look, the male sunglasses is a very important item for protection of eyes following, especially on sunny days.
For the year 2016, many of the models that have been on the rise in 2015 and in previous years will also continue between the trends. Meet some of them.
Glasses: How To Choose According To The Face

Men’s Glasses Trend 2016, Models, Brands, Prices

Success in 2015, the Wayfarer glasses male continues with everything between the trends of glasses for men 2016. The model, created by Ray-Ban and which won similar versions of several other brands, stands out for its versatility, since it combines with formal and informal looks.
Translucent frames are also good bets for next year, falling well for men of more modern style and stripped, appearing not only in sunglasses, but also in eyeglasses, earning a man more fun.
Between 2016 trends of men’s glasses, also worth quoting models like the showy mirrored lenses (loved and hated in the same proportion); the rounded sunglasses and vintage style; and the D-Frame glasses, one that is straight at the top. We can’t forget the Aviator and sports models, that never go out of fashion.
Prada Sunglasses Men And Women
The tip to buy sunglasses for men is to choose the model always according to the shape of your face, so the odds are higher that it will help compose a nice visual. Also, be careful with the size, avoiding glasses too tight (give a headache) and also the most loose (may fall from the face with ease).

Prices And Brands

There are still more male glasses 2016 models, brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Chilli Beans, Mormaii, Colcci and Triton, among others, arising as good options for all types of male faces.
Chilli Beans Sunglasses Men
Male sunglasses prices vary widely, depending on the model and brand. You can find some interesting options costing less than R $100, and also models that reach cost more than R $1,000. The tip is to search well before buying.
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