Meizu Belies His Possible Collaboration with Nokia

Yesterday, our colleagues from Engadget Mobile made echo of an interesting news which had flown like wildfire by major Chinese media, which is that Meizu and Nokia could collaborate in the development of a new version of the Meizu MX4.
However, not even a day has taken the Chinese manufacturer to deny the news, and did the own Li Nan – Vice President of Meizu – in an article published on social networking site Weibo.
The leader of Meizu has clarified in emphatic way that Nokia and Meizu don’t need no allegiance, much less to create a special version of the Meizu MX4 adapted to the tastes of Western markets, which according to the rumor would have motivated the debunked agreement.
In addition, Li Nan denied that Meizu is interested in manufacturing hardware for Nokia, the Finnish devices could have sold highlighted, although the agreement between Nokia and Microsoft had made it too difficult.
Where did not want to enter is in the course of a collaboration by Nokia on the software side, although We see complicated that can never become a Meizu MX4 “Nokia Edition”. We will have to wait to see the future steps of both firms.