Mega Fashion Produces Pole for the First Time

The Mega Polo fashion, the country’s largest wholesale Mall, landed in the city of Lisbon, in Portugal, to photograph your summer campaign. The Tagus River and the historic streets of the city gave life to the new campaign, which will be presented in the first leg in Mega Fashion Week, which takes place between 23 and 25 July in São Paulo.
Women’s trends men, plus size and children are present in the photos that bring freshness to the European venture. With Marcia clicks Fasoli and Bruna videos Milkweed and Daniel Ahmed, of the 176 Studio, the campaign includes a casting of Brazilians and Portuguese.
“It’s the first time the Mega Polo Fashion produces a campaign in a location outside of Brazil and choose Europe for being a destination for young fashionistas. We were always ahead in the wholesale market, and stay attuned to trends and innovations in the industry to offer the best to our customers, “says Basil, commercial Director of Adelino Mall.
Among the trends that the stylist Rogério Wolf separated for the production, especially the parts in Blue Island – shades of blue and its deepest nuances, Think Pink – shades of Pink as magenta and purple, Romantic – shades of pink and ruffles, Jungle-green tones and foliage , Natural White-beige and white and Flame-Orange tones. The jeans, baby in brazilian fashion, don’t stay out, but appears more lightweight and comfortable for summer.
About the Mega Fashion Polo
The Mega Polo Fashion history of Brás neighborhood connected to textile tradition of São Paulo, and your creation was one of the fundamental factors in revitalizing and increasing the region’s trade. Is the most important fashion wholesaler Centre of Brazil, which supplies stores across the country with young fashion, women, men, children, special sizes and accessories. Besides its 400 shops, this complex sets prompt delivery has a business centre, a hotel to a bus station 411 covered itself with a capacity of 33 buses, a service floor with banks, food court, among other services to suit all needs of customers coming from all the Brazil and other countries.