Meet 5 Lingerie Trends

All lingerie is able to directly influence female self-esteem. The woman who knows your characteristics and chooses products to enhance your body will feel more beautiful and powerful the moment you dress the pieces. Next, check out a complete list of 5 lingerie trends for 2017.


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5 Lingerie Trends 2017

STRAPPY BRA: Apparent straps continue with everything! They are the most basic versions, those with thin strips, and the most daring styles, with lace and back applications. This bra combines with dresses, tank tops, t-shirts or shirts. It’s supersexy!
INCOME: one of the great classics in lingerie, laces are great for women who do not give up parts that blend sensuality and romanticism. Bet on calecon, bras with lacy handles and bodies. It will raze!
ROSE QUARTZ: Classic and delicate women can celebrate. This nude, elected by Pantone as the color of 2017, is #trend total. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about pastel lingerie. Your partner will not be disappointed with this choice!
BODY: This lingerie is dominating the looks and ceasing to be a purely intimate item according to CLOTHINGEXPRESS. The body is part that values ​​the natural curves of the female body. The models with lace and transparencies are the ideal to ensure a touch of sensuality to the visual. The more modest can bet on the closed versions and with several handles. Throw yourself!
BLACK & RED: how not to love these two? Indispensable in any women’s wardrobe, these shades are versatile and extremely easy to match. Black and red lingerie can be basic, daring or daring. You choose the character of the day.

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