Maybelline New York Go Extreme Mascara

Long, voluminous lashes with the new Go Extreme mascara Maybelline New York, thanks to the applicator Dual Wave gives depth to the eye.
Among the innovations in perfumery for mascara 2014, May 11 was launched the new mascara Maybelline New York Go Extreme with an innovative applicator Double Wave, patented, and Bristles Extra Large. A mascara dedicated to women, to enhance the look that is enhanced in seconds easy to apply.
The key fact is that in the applicator with its form in Double Wave allows you to load a lot more formula in the bristles, giving long eyelashes, black and bulky.Furthermore, the extra-large bristles maxi applicator propeller distribute the formula on all lashes, perfectly, without creating lumps. Finally the formula Go Extreme is even more enriched, with much more collagen inside.
In short, a product for the make up of women decided that they know that they want to get results. Precisely for this Go Extreme Maybelline New York has launched on its official Facebook page, the campaign Click & Shout addressed to all women who want to achieve their desires, even using his eyes.
To enter the competition just upload a selfie with the hashtag #THINKBIG_GOEXTREME, explaining what dream you want to accomplish. By doing so you will have the chance to win many awards, including a mascara and € 5000 to bring to pass your wishes.