Mature Woman: Not to Miss in Time to Get Dressed

Exaggerated necklines, tight clothes or loose too much. Although women over 40 or 50 years have the effect they had on youth – sometimes even more – they end up forgetting that the body and the environments that attend have changed. So, dress up properly is much more than a clothing brand and a wide variety of items in the Cabinet, is to have good sense and elegance.
All women, regardless of age, are subject to error in time to get dressed. You can use a template that doesn’t appreciate both the body or not be suitable for the environment and the occasion, but those who have gone from calling the young Wolf should take extra care. “These women need suit sets that you see on the catwalks and store Windows to your reality and the environment who attend. They look good colored clothes, fair and even short skirts, as long as it is integrated in real age are living, “says fashion consultant and journalist Padala Gautam.
X modern classic
Mature women need to know to combine the classic with the modern. “They can’t have modern style or classical, but must know combine the two without abuse. Modern clothes have to be used in a neutral color. If you choose a bold color, the style should be neutral. Thus, modernity is discovered slowly. Know quantitate modernity with the classic is elegant. When in doubt, it’s better than sports. Jeans, shirt, shoe down, can’t miss it, “advises Mexico.
With age, the skin naturally loses shine and elasticity, the hair doesn’t look so good. Is your sports or sophisticated style, casual or elegant, be well lit is essential. “After 50, we need to add what we have to what the market offers. Be a little more careful, a little more attention to the appearance. Never go out without makeup or leave the hair badly painted, “says the consultant.
To help these women to understand where they are going wrong in the production, Xico Gonçalves listed 16 of the most common mistakes that women make when they dress and what to do to maintain the elegance and good looks, no matter what the style. See below:
1. Lycra clothes: pants or blouses of lycra isn’t in the body of any woman. Besides an impression that they are going to the gym, they highlight every pound extra. The fabric is released only if you have in the composition. The best combination is a skinny pants (fair) and man (looser), which gives balance to the model, in addition to hiding the shapes.
2. printed Shirts in neutral tones, like thrift store: If the pattern is not of good quality, beautiful, first line, the visual is incomplete. Replace the pattern for a strong color favors more and is most likely to use. Animal prints and chess should be discreet.
3. flowers or classical Clothes too: it can’t be anything to the extreme. The ideal is to make a combination of the two. Modern with classic. Modern shirt and pants. Not too modern. Textbook age.
The actress Lilia Cabral is the synthesis of elegance and good taste: merges with perfectly classical pieces and casual, and still rocks in the choice of bijoux. Short hair, natural-toned and well taken care of, gives a younger look

  1. mimolet or mini Skirts bold: mimolet skirt is one that has a length of about 12 cm below the knee. This length is for young people and if they use it right. Very short skirts are vulgar. Is inelegant. The ideal length for the more mature is four fingers above the knee.
    5. skin color Stockings: take half and pass a moisturizing cream, for glossy skin. Modern Microfiber yarn disguise. Replace the half skin color by a clear or smoked.
    6. jeans set: the woman who does Academy has flattened butt naturally. Pants that style gets ugly and flatten the bottom. Swap with a baggy jeans, casual, boyfriend style (wider), which gives an aspect of joviality.
    7. weight above the allowed: fat age. Five or six pounds over the ideal weight change quite the appearance. To maintain visual rejuvenated, keep the weight. After all, it’s healthier.
    8. tidy hair: hair with Hairspray or much brush age. The more relaxed, better. At parties, nothing hard, style cycling helmet. Always look for the style that seems more natural.

Score another one for the short or medium hair. The former model Luíza Brumet shows you know adapt to maturity when exchanging the long wires by cutting medium. Note that the makeup is light, almost natural, ideal for day to day

  1. excessive Makeup, especially in eyes: makeup brand lines, even in those who use botox. Even younger woman is bad if it uses too much makeup. Opt for something lighter. Avoid too much powder, blush, eye shadow, pencils. Use artificial tanning look more healthy.
    10. jewelry cheap: If you can’t use Add-ons of quality, eliminate them. The cheap costume jewelry is great and the finish is not good. Can use costume jewelry, if delicate, with brightness. The shiny earring favors those who have more age.
    11. evil dyed Hair: the hair is the frame of the face. Colors and strange cuts don’t fit. Some women want to keep the long wires on dry hair or use shades of dye.
    12. colors beige, gray, Burgundy and Purple: these colors are considered neutral, but don’t get cool near the face. Beige who already is beige doesn’t match.
    13. Shoes and bag matching: match these parts gives an air of Queen of England, which does not take well. Relaxation of a sports bag ensures a relaxed air. At a party, no problem. But in everyday life it’s best to relax.
    14. Necklines and cavas showing what should be only insinuated: necklines or short sleeves side display the arm, which is flaccid with age. Replace with transparencies, just suggesting what you want to show.
  2. Gray hair: there are women who are charming with white hair, wearing a modern cut and he match your personal style. But the trend is growing old. If she looks young, is charming.
    16. Excess of production: every young come with basic clothes, but give that touch of charm. The current idea of elegance is no longer fixed, belt, bag, shoe. Less is more.